Recording Phone Calls

Automatic Call Recording

By default, CallReplay will automatically record all calls for the licensed phones, without any human intervention.

Demand Recording

Alternatively, you have the option to only record calls at human request, by easily selecting "Record This Call" from an IP Phone Service or Web Browser. The selected call will be recorded from the very beginning of it, even if the softkey was pressed in the middle of the call. However, there is an option to record the call since requested.

What calls can be recorded

CallReplay will record incoming and outgoing calls going through Cisco CM, IPTrade Turrets, Mitel MCDs and SIP VoIP PBXs. All calls will be recorded automatically, without user intervention. Held/resumed, transferred and parked calls will also be recorded.

Supported PBXs

Supported Codecs

CallReplay uses an array of codecs (G.711 A and U, G.722, G.729 A and B, Opus) to ensure that all calls are recorded and using a minimum possible of disk space and with the highest quality possible.